Sunday, September 5, 2010

Writing To Fidel

Before going to the launch in Montreal of my latest book, HAVANA HARVEST, I grabbed a copy and went to the post office where I learned that it was not possible to send registered letters to Cuba. “What’s the next quickest, surest thing?” I asked. “Send it as a small package via Air International,” the clerk answered.

After writing “To Fidel: I hope to see you again soon. Happy 84th Birthday and enjoy the read,” on the inside front cover of the book I slid it into a padded envelope and sent it on its way.
It cost me $44.03 in Canadian funds. I doubt he’ll thank me for the present, let alone read my book. No matter: I have a copy of the front of the envelope and a receipt which I will show my friends whenever the opportunity arises.

Then I went to the launch, where, as you can see from these photos, a good time was had by all and many books sold.

I also feel good about an interview with Sebastian Del Marmol who is with the Miami New Times which resulted in a neat mention of my activities in that paper.